With uncompromising performance at the very core of what we stand for at Vorteq, we’re doing something that no brand in the market has done before. We’re not just promising performance, we’re going to prove it. With our combined skinsuit and overshoes R&D programme, we’ll guarantee at least 5% overall drag reduction in your wind tunnel test with us compared to the kit you arrive in.

Perfection in sports isn’t a destination that can be reached, but that won’t stop us aiming for it. Our constant search for the best materials, technologies and processes is what makes us confident of being able to break records in whatever we focus on.


Using our 3D scanner, we can capture a digital model of you in your on-bike position. The data is processed and turned into an accurate virtual version of you so we can work to your exact geometry with precision.


Using your 3D model, we create patterns for overshoes and skinsuits that perfectly match you. Standard size options assume that all riders can be grouped into a small selection of dimensions. Athletes invariably have unique proportions and asymmetries, but with this stage in our process, the garment is tailored to you – no excessive wrinkling or loose sections, just a perfect, high performance fit.


For skinsuits, you can have the option to either send your own artwork files (e.g. team colours or your own custom design) or choose from the Vorteq design options. The artwork is mapped across to your individual custom fabric patterns. For overshoes, select from a set of vinyl colour options in stock or we can arrange something more bespoke (subject to availability of materials).


Our Materials Lab is also based at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub and is where the final assembly of your performance wear takes place. We print and sublimate each fabric section on the fastest materials, cut the patterns out with a cutting bed before the final product is assembled by hand.

We run each item past a thorough quality control process before being finalised for an R&D Performance Programme or delivered to the athlete.


Packages including a wind tunnel session are where we really put the product to the test with our minimum performance guarantee. We will determine a programme for the session using wind speeds and angles that will closely represent your target races – the aim of the session is to gather data on the performance of the Vorteq kit and your current (baseline) setup and to determine how much overall drag reduction we’ve achieved.

You will be sent a data report after the session with your data and some photos from your test.


For the the R&D packages, the wind tunnel test suits will be prototypes, designed to determine the best fabrics and designs for maximum performance gain. Once the data has been analysed and best setup has been determined, final suits and overshoes will be produced and put through quality control again before being delivered to the athlete.


Get in touch if you like to find out more about Vorteq Sports or enquire about any of our performance products or services.