We take pride in knowing our technology is the best. We are unashamedly obsessive about performance, leaving nothing to chance. We will continue to provide the ultimate performance technologies to athletes and businesses. We will set the boundaries for others to follow, whatever the cost.


World’s Fastest Skinsuit

VORTEQ and the engineers from TotalSim have been working at the cutting edge of skinsuit technology, behind the scenes for the last 11 years. Two years ago we launched a program to create a skin suit project, committing £250,000 to develop the worlds fastest skinsuit, which we will make publically available. We are 2 years into the 3 year program and we aim to have the world’s fastest skinsuit available in 2019.

“We guarantee it will be the fastest skinsuit anywhere on the planet.”


A TotalSim Company

VORTEQ was founded by TotalSim, who have led the field in elite sport aerodynamics. They have contributed to huge success for an impressive client list, working with customers including: British Cycling, Team GB, Team Sky, Aston Martin and Formula 1 teams.

TotalSim formed part of the original ‘Secret Squirrel’ club, to provide a technical advantage for the British Cycling Team, which had a huge impact upon the sport.

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