Valkyrie Swim Range

Vorteq enters the world of swimming, with the latest in textiles, pattern and hydrodynamic innovation.

Speed in the water is affected by the drag faced by athletes, as a result of components like skin friction, buoyancy and shape in the water. By controlling these methods with cutting edge manufacturing methods, pattern development and textiles innovation, the VALKYRIE products help find those crucial fractions of seconds that decide the
biggest races in the world.

We have a number of suits available in standard sizes (small, medium and large) with different specifications, using different patterns and fabrics based on target speeds and disciplines:

These suits have been approved by World Aquatics and are qualified to race at the Paris Olympic Games 2024: VLK01, VLK02, VLK03, VLK04.

Prices from £2,500 (overbranding and second suit discounts are available upon request).


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