The Ultimate

Our Tokyo Edition skinsuit is our ultimate performance custom fit skinsuit. It has been designed from the ground up and is the result of over £400,000 worth of R&D, over the last 3 years. The materials chosen are the result of wind tunnel testing, selecting from over 40,000 different combinations of material, speed and fabric tension.  Our suits are all individually tunnel tested to ensure they perform as they should, resulting in a suit faster than anything else. The Tokyo Edition is targeted to track cycling speeds; the faster you go, the more performance we can find.

To make the perfect suit, it has to be custom-fitted. All our suits use the Vorteq process, which begins with an athlete scan before creating a custom pattern to the scan using computational draping. Each piece is carefully created to ensure the tension and fit is perfect.

“We are obsessive”

This is ‘custom’ fit like never seen before in cycling. The suits are designed to fit perfectly in a riding position, not in a standing position. If we see a single wrinkle when in position, then we have more performance to find!  We have proven results that show a tight suit is not necessarily a fast suit, but a fitted one is.

We are obsessive about performance and look forward to helping deliver performance gains to athletes for the Tokyo Olympics, from around the world. Each suit we create is wind tunnel verified.  We want to make sure that every suit we sell is faster than the competition.  By verifying every suit, it allows us to continually improve and provide a unique experience to our Vorteq customers

Azizul Awang rode the suit in the New Zealand world cup,
winning gold in the Keirin, during New Zealand world cup 2019

To qualify the suits for the Tokyo Olympics, it was necessary for the Tokyo Edition suits to be worn in a world cup event in 2019. Azizul Awang rode the suit in the New Zealand world cup, winning gold in the Keirin and setting a new national record in the flying 200m, making an instant impact upon his performance.  We hope this is the start of many more medals and records for the Tokyo Edition skinsuit.

The Huub Wattbike team also rode the suit for the first time in the Brisbane World Cup event 2019, setting a new personal best time in their first competition with the Tokyo Edition Suit.

The suit comes in two forms, TK01 (standard neck line) and TK02 (high neck line), without and with a high neck line respectively. Each suit includes custom artwork and pattern as standard and is available for overbranding, if required, at a premium.

TK range skinsuits are now available.

Prices from


for a Vorteq branded skinsuit

This includes: rider scan, computational draping, custom artwork, assembly and wind tunnel verification session. Overbranding and second suit discounts are available upon request.

To talk to one of our Tokyo delivery engineers then please get in touch using the contact form and we look forward to working with you to maximise the performance for your team or nation.