As cyclists and triathletes ourselves, we are passionate about sports and optimising performance. With a unique understanding of the challenges these sports present, we specialise in management of swim, bike, and run related problems.

What to expect

After submitting a Human Performance Physiotherapy Self-referral form, you will be contacted direct by a member of our team to confirm a date and time which works best around your schedule. Your self-referral form will provide insight as to the best appointment option, ensuring that you receive care individual to your needs.

When attending your initial appointment, expect to receive a detailed specialist physiotherapy assessment. Where you and your Physiotherapist will discuss your symptoms and determine an appropriate management plan based on your goals and presenting condition.

Your Physiotherapist will carry out a combination of physical and functional tests, apposite to diagnosing your problem. Providing a comprehensive explanation of the diagnosis and its evidence based treatment.

Education is the cornerstone to the treatment we provide, and therefore place a strong emphasis on prevention of recurrence of pain and injury.

What we see

Our team are expert and experienced in managing a plethora of both sporting and non-sporting injuries. Providing care to any individual from a recent acute injury through to long-term rehabilitation for an ongoing problem. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some common injuries we can treat:

• All joint sprains and pains
• Muscle injuries
• Post-op Rehabilitation (such as ACL reconstruction and Meniscal repair surgery)
• Neck, Back and nerve related pains
• Hip, Knee and Ankle problems
• Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand problems

How to book

Our Physiotherapy team will handle all enquiries, ensuring that your referral is supported in the most effective manner. To make a booking, please fill our Human Performance Physiotherapy Self-Referral form. We will endeavor to reply to your enquiry over the phone within 2-3 working days.

Get in touch if you like to find out more about Vorteq Sports or enquire about any of our performance products or services.