Get that extra gain!

Add the Vorteq overshoes to your skinsuit package to take your aerodynamic efficiency to the next level. Our 3D scanning process that has driven our world’s fastest skinsuit is also applied to the creation of our overshoes.

We drape from the captured leg and cycling shoe geometry, this allows us to eke out every last drop of performances up to the UCI limit. The Vorteq overshoes add to our aerodynamic toolbox to provide you with even more gains.

Overshoes are now available.

Prices from


for a custom-fit Vorteq branded, pair of overshoes.

This includes: rider scan, computational draping, custom artwork, assembly and wind tunnel verification session.

To talk to one of our engineers then please get in touch using the contact form and we look forward to working with you to maximise the performance for your team or nation.

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