Performance Services

The ultimate goal of any competitive cyclist is to get from A to B as quickly as possible. When you’re out on the course, speed is absolutely the most important metric. Success at speed relies on the harmonisation of three factors: the bike, the rider, and the elements.

Our Human Performance Services are designed with no compromise: pursuing synergy, speed, and success. We support athletes to achieve their performance goals, uncovering real, measurable performance improvements. With access to world-leading facilities at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, our unrivalled team of Engineers, Aerodynamicists and Specialist Physiotherapists offer a trio of services: Aero Fits, Core Fits, and Physiotherapy.


The biggest resisting force slowing you down is drag force, the vast majority of which is due to your position and your body’s interaction with the air flow.

Whilst the reduction of drag forces is a crucial factor, it’s important to do this in the context of your own biomechanical performance potential as an individual. Working with industry-leading R&D, our Aero Fit services consist of two packages: Aero Power and Aero Focus. With a shared goal of optimising aerodynamics without compromising biomechanics.

The Aero Power session offers full exploration in both the Human Performance Studio and Wind Tunnel. Whilst the Aero Focus is our Wind Tunnel only session.

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Optimal performance; the synergy of internal and external factors that conduce success. We recognise the elemental synergy that exists between the bicycle and the rider. A unique relationship, which if mistreated, can yield sub-optimal human performance and injury.

Our Core Fit services deliver on optimising biomechanics, without compromising on aerodynamics. Position optimisation is recursive in nature, and such process is reflected in the packages we deliver: Prologue: Pre-purchase Fit, Étape 1: First Fit, Étape 2: Performance Fit.

Individualised to the athlete, their goals, and cycling discipline, each service serves to improve comfort, reduce injury, and optimise biomechanics.

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Pushing boundaries in sports performance can result in Injury. Our Human Performance Physiotherapy team are expert in helping you recover and return from injury.

We are meticulous in our approach, and with experience providing care to Elite Level athletes in a variety of sports, are skilled in devising bespoke treatment plans with performance in mind.

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