Physiotherapist Led
on- and off-bike assessment

Throughout the consultation, we assess your current position and set up on the bike followed by an off-bike musculoskeletal assessment. The latter allows us to evaluate the limitations of your movement as well as to identify opportunities to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

We then put in place a number of interventions which we assess using our technologies, skills and knowledge with your feedback to identify the optimal position for your requirements.

How it works

With the Bike Fit Optimisation session, we’ll conduct a cycling-specific Musculoskeletal Assessment. This will be an on- and off-bike screening of structural and functional limitations, with our experienced Physiotherapist. By identifying musculoskeletal risks and limits across a positional range, we can determine your Functional Profile.

Moving on to the bike, we’ll work towards an optimised position by increasing pedalling effectiveness and efficiency, with a focus on minimising discomfort and reducing pain and injury risk. The end result of this is to establish the optimal position for biomechanically effective power production for different event demands.

Finally, we’ll review the session by addressing cycling-specific injuries, pain and discomfort and making any recommendations for implementing exercises and equipment changes for the new position setup.

Your 4 hour session:

  • Off-bike musculoskeletal assessment by our experienced Physiotherapist
  • Evaluation of current bike size
  • Measurement of pedalling efficiency and evaluation, with advice on technique
  • Individualised injury management plans (if required)
  • Gebiomized pressure mapping and saddle setup
  • Cleat positioning & setup
  • Custom Sidas footbeds* fitting, if required
  • Comprehensive positional measurements to take away
  • Setup changes service available

*Footbeds incur an additional cost, if required


Our packages are designed with a focus on finding real, measurable performance improvements on the bike for every athlete.

  • 2 hours aero position session in the Sports Performance Wind Tunnel

  • Delivered by aerodynamic consultants

  • Access to test equipment with our market leading product partners

  • In-depth data report for post-session analysis and recommendations

  • Extra Wind Tunnel time available at £275.00 per hour

  • 6 hours in-depth session across the Human Performance Studio and Wind Tunnel
  • Delivered by physiotherapy and aerodynamic specialists
  • Full assessment focusing on power, comfort, pedalling effectiveness, aerodynamics and overall efficiency
  • In-depth data report for post-session analysis and recommendations
  • Extra Wind Tunnel time available at £275.00 per hour.

* Performance targets to be agreed before the programme start


There’s no single solution to suit everyone, when it comes to finding performance through position and fit on the bike. The overlapping factors between pedalling efficiency, biomechanical range, injury history and equipment all have an impact on what is optimum for each athlete as an individual.

Our Human Performance AeroPower session comes with our Vorteq Performance Guarantee, where we will promise to find your proven, measured performance improvement with a post-session data report.


The route to peak performance is rarely straight or smooth. Healthy riders can have uniquely individual factors that might limit their physiological function or impose biomechanical constraints on their position and setup. Our regular service products include aspects of screening that will identify most of the major factors, but there may be additional analyses required to investigate deeper into individual issues.

Our specialist investigations can explore and help you identify any such areas. We will work with you to create a bespoke solution, or, if needed and clinically appropriate, we can connect you with our specialist partners.

Combining Market Leading Equipment
with our in-house VORTEQ TECHNOLOGY

In order to get the best results out of your Human Performance session, we use the latest industry-leading R&D and technology, from brands specialising in sports performance optimisation, and combine with our own Vorteq developed tools and equipment.

No two athletes are the same, so programmes focused on finding performance shouldn’t be, either. The use of different equipment will be tailored to your session, based on your specific requirements.

Get in touch if you like to find out more about Vorteq Sports or enquire about any of our performance products or services.