Optimal performance; the synergy of internal and external factors that conduce success. At Vorteq Sports, we recognise the elemental synergy that exists between the bicycle and the rider. A unique relationship, which if mistreated, can yield sub-optimal human performance and injury.

Ultimate performance is the cornerstone of our ethos, and we make no compromise in its pursuit. We acknowledge that fitting a rider to a bike, based on their goals and biomechanics is essential to ensuring success. In recognition of this, we have introduced a trio of new bike fitting packages to our Human Performance range. Suitable for any cyclist, we have developed our services from evidence and experience, reflecting the process of bike fitting and the recursive nature of position optimisation. Serving as a precursor to our existing packages, the ‘Prologue: Pre-purchase Fit, ‘Étape1: First Fit’, ‘Étape 2: Performance Fit’, are developed to achieve distinct goals, from supporting pre-purchase size selection, to informing wind tunnel testing and aerodynamic analysis. Independent in themselves, they are symbiotic when applied in sequence, reducing risk of injury, and optimising performance.

Free from fitting formulas, each package is Physiotherapy Led and bespoke to the rider; utilizing a combination of technology, techniques, and expertise to result in an unrivalled fit. Following a detailed initial consultation, an informed and comprehensive biomechanical assessment will be conducted to determine fit and functional parameters. This directly informs positional exploration based on the goals of the rider and session:

Prologue: Pre-purchase Fit


A physiotherapist-led pre-purchase fit, designed to inform and guide frame size selection unique to the athlete’s cycling goals. Following a body positioning process, the rider will leave with a published post-fit report detailing stack/reach measurements and knowledge pertaining to their biomechanics and cycling kinematics.

Following a Body Positioning Process on our bespoke stationary bike, this is designed for riders looking to upgrade or start a cycling-specific discipline.

Étape 1: First Fit


A comprehensive physiotherapist-led bike fit bespoke to the rider’s needs. Serving as a first fundamental fit, the rider will leave with their bike position optimised to reflect their cycling goals and biomechanics. Following a methodical detailed process, Kinovea motion capture and GeBiomized saddle pressure mapping data are utilised to inform positional interventions from every angle; prioritising comfort, and sustainability without compromising power.

A Specialist Physiotherapy assessment will determine your biomechanical considerations related to your cycling discipline. Informing where adjuncts such as insoles, shims and wedges are indicated to ease saddle issues, resolve pain and improve performance.

    • Suitable for either Road or TT-specific setups, this fit considers every contact point:
      • Foot and Pedal.
      • Pelvic and Saddle.
      • Hand and Cockpit.

Making informed positional decisions unique to the rider and their bike. Further considerations are made for the bicycle hardware, competition requirements and performance goals; leaving no concept of bike fitting ignored.

This is our chief fit package, underpinning the fundamental aspects of bike fitting and serving as a foundation for performance optimisation fits. Used in sequence, this offers synergy when used as a precursor to Étape 2.

A detailed post-fit report will publish positional measurements and provide individualised advice on equipment, training and potential injury management strategies.

Étape 2: Performance Fit


An extensive physiotherapist-led bike fit that takes your performance to the next level. Designed to optimise pedalling efficiency, stability, and performance. This fit utilises a combination of technologies and techniques.

The Étape 2: Performance Fit is designed for riders looking to prioritise power and performance, without compromising comfort. Serving as an enhanced fit for riders with performance goals, it evolves the position established in Étape 1 in an effective and evidence-based manner. Following an intervention-led Body Positioning Process guided by gebioMized saddle pressure data, delivered using our purpose-built bike jig system and bespoke stationary bike, the rider will leave with a refined position and a detailed post-fit report pertaining to the interventions made, with supporting commentary and data; informing aerodynamic testing.

This fit generates ‘Windows of Optimisation’, a range of positional measurements of contact points where pedalling efficiency, saddle stability, and comfort are maintained. With application, these ranges can directly structure wind tunnel exploration for a truly optimised position.


Please contact humanperformance@vorteqsports.co.uk for more details and booking enquiries.